1. Academics

Students must have a “C” average in core subjects the semester prior to enrollment at WVCS. The student must pass the admissions test by scoring 50% or better in three out of the four areas tested on the Test of Academic Performance (TAP) for 2nd-8th grade or Basis Achievement Skills Individual Screen (BASIS) for first grade. A developmental readiness test is administered to students entering Kindergarten.

2. Citizenship

Students are expected to have maintained satisfactory marks in citizenship and work habits throughout their education prior to applying to WVCS.

3. Kindergarten

The recommended age for our Kindergarten program is five by September 1.

4. Personal Documentation

Kindergarten: Students entering kindergarten must be 5 by September 1; TK/Kindergarten: Verification of Hepatitis B series, chicken pox, and two doses of MMR vaccines; TK/Kindergarten: Photocopy of the certified birth certificate; TK/Kindergarten: Report of Health Examination for School Entry Form; TK- 8th grade: Students from out of state must get a TB test and chicken pox vaccination; 1st grade through 8th grade: Standardized test results and report cards; 1st grade through 8th grade: California Immunization Form or immunization record signed by a physician; 6th-8th grade: Completed reference forms that were included in the initial registration packet; 7th grade: Tdap immunization is required before entering the 7th grade.